Directional Non-Force Technique® (D.N.F.T.®) is an extremely gentle, specific, and long lasting Chiropractic adjusting technique. No twisting is involved.

The misalignment of a structure is indicated by a leg check response. A gentle thumb thrust is then utilized in a particular direction, and placement, to correct the misaligned structure. D.N.F.T. ® practitioners adjust bony structures, joints, muscles, and more.

It is gentle enough to be used on infants and the elderly.

Most problems can be treated in three to six visits.

Common conditions treated, but not limited to:
o Migraines/ Headaches
o Neck/Back Pain
o Sciatica
o Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
o Arthritic Conditions
o Hip, knee, and ankle pain
o Muscle Spasms
o Etc.

If you have any questions about DNFT, please contact us today at (562) 452-3969.